Third shade: No one walks forward looking back

If you want to succeed, but you insist on looking back, regretting what has not worked out, thinking about what you have lost or blaming yourself for, do you know when you will get what you want? Never! Because looking back paralyzes. Looking back is the right recipe for cultivating doubts and fear of the future. What kind of thinking comes to your mind when you think about what you do not have anymore? Be honest. Are positive thoughts? I doubt that. Being miles away does not get anyone anywhere.

The past is only for us to see what worked, what did not work, take stock, put the learning in the backpack and move on, without looking back. What did not work, you learn to do no more and what worked, learn to repeat (provided it was something right and within the law). But, getting nostalgia, sadness, flashbacks and remorse is wasting energy that could be best employed.

No matter what happened in the past, if you studied or did not study, if you lost or gained, whether born in a gold crib or in a shack. It also does not matter what is going on today, whether the situation is bad or if it does not have more to worsen. It is not the failures that determine your future. Failure may even delay it a bit, but that does not mean defeat. Many people failed before they achieved success. Failure is a temporary situation. Only the attitudes you decide to have today can change the whole panorama of your life.

So today you can tell me that you are in the worst situation in the world, you can tell me that you do not have peace, that you do not have joy or that you do not succeed, but your future is still intact. If you take the right actions, your situation will change.

It is very convenient to stay tied in what happened in the past to justify your failures. Many blame their parents, their grandparents, their ex-bosses, the lack of opportunities, their traumas and even the color of their skin. But it’s time to take responsibility for your choices and begin to define your future through attitudes in the present.

I like a story that illustrates this situation well. A black boy was waiting for his mother, sitting in front of the school gate. While he waited, he saw a balloon vendor in the square ahead. In his cart there were a lot of balloons, of several different colors. To attract the attention of the children he would, from time to time, he used to drop a balloon. The boy saw him drop the red balloon. That balloon went up and was blown away. Some time later, he did the same with a yellow balloon. He also went up and was carried away by the wind. The boy then crossed the street and, worried, asked the seller:

“Young man, does not the black balloon rise?”

Without saying anything, the salesman let go of the black balloon, as he had done with the others, and watched him rise. Then he replied:

– Boy, pay attention. What makes the balloon rise is not the color, but what is inside it.

In fact, it does not matter your current condition or your past. It does not matter your origin, your color, your schooling, your economic condition, whether you had opportunity or what it looks like. It does not matter what they think of you. What makes the difference is not your current or past situation, but your spirit. This willingness to look ahead and project your future with the certainty that it will work. What will make you climb is what’s inside you.