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The value of revisiting a good book or movie: does your child know about this?

Good books and good movies are not meant to be left aside after use. Not even! They can and must to be revisited with a certain frequency. When we see a film or we read a book for the first time, we were so focused on knowing the ends that we miss many details. The second time, knowing how the plot ends, we are with our more apt way to raise other issues that simply they went unnoticed the first time. And the third time even more. It's a pleasure revisiting it. Do not fool yourself. Not to mention Read more [...]

Daily learning: what is the use of a broken TV set?

A friend of mine was very sad, because after soon the end of the warranty period given by the manufacturer, her TV just stopped making sounds, letting only with the images. To make matters worse, there was no repair. And we are talking about a great LED TV set, 50 inches, in perfect condition, but does not speak anymore, nevermore. What to do? Throw away? It's not possible. Thinking a bit, we came to the conclusion that the TV even muted, still had its market value. Came an idea, announces Read more [...]

9-volt battery: do you know what is inside?

I bring for you one more learnings daily. I discovered by chance as a 9-volt battery is composed. I never stopped to think about it but thought it was a solid set. I replaced the battery of equipment and she, being worn out, opened in my hand. It was surprisingly when emerged 6 puppies AAA batteries. As the math does not lie, multiplying 6 by 1.5 comes to 9. It was not news to you? What a pity! I have been enjoyed the discovery. Maybe this information can be useful at some moment in life. Encourage Read more [...]

Has your child been taught to learn every day?

If not, it's urgent time. Any people must to learn every day. Be aware that every moment of life, every action we perform or that we feel the effects, brings us learning. Let's pay attention to it? To learn every fucking day, we have to connect our "radar of learning", open our minds to this concept. If we are not with the "radar of learning" connected, learnings pass by us and we don't realize. If we connect the "radar of learning" only when we are officially sitting on a school bench, we lose Read more [...]