The value of revisiting a good book or movie: does your child know about this?

Good books and good movies are not meant to be left aside after use. Not even! They can and must to be revisited with a certain frequency. When we see a film or we read a book for the first time, we were so focused on knowing the ends that we miss many details. The second time, knowing how the plot ends, we are with our more apt way to raise other issues that simply they went unnoticed the first time. And the third time even more. It’s a pleasure revisiting it. Do not fool yourself. Not to mention that reading a good book or watching a good movie does not cease to be a dialogue between us and the author. When we watch again five years later, for example, this dialogue can and will be different because it will be added with all the experiences the more we live in the period. A speech that had no meaning five years ago, today can make a difference in our lives.


The new generations are hungry for news. It is not surprising.  Since the world is world it happens. Who does not want to see what’s new, even more dealing with young people? The difference is that today the velocity is increasing. Everything becomes old very fast. A joke that took months or years to propagate, now travels the world by Whatsapp, in a week has turned old joke. Surely we live in an era of great challenge for comedians who have to reinvent themselves to keep an attentive audience among so many old jokes. Not only for humorists as for any professional who wants to stay current and competitive.



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Be sure to show your kids the value of old things that have brought us to where we are today. This exercise is important even for them to value certain facilities which we have today. And demonstrate that revisit a book or movie is not a waste of time, quite the contrary.

Think about it!