Dealing with differences: when religion invades real life

Regardless of what religion you follow, and even you will influence your children to follow the same religion as you, which is normal, after all you want to spread for them it all that makes you well, it is very important teaching them about dealing with differences.


Religion or lack of it is intimate subject. There is no owner of the truth! Teach your children from an early age that they will treat in all his life with people whose religious orientations may or may not be the same as theirs. There is nothing more unpleasant than someone who confusing his doctrine with instances of real life.

Once I worked professionally in a project, which was threatening to be canceled by lapse of time. The project manager, in an attempt to motivate the team, called a meeting and said, “guys, let’s not let this project die, because until now only had a new of resurrection, and it was Jesus Christ! If canceled, the project will not rise!” With all due respect they deserve the people who believe in Christianity, which account for about a third of the world population, it should be borne in mind that two thirds of the world population do not follow this belief and not It recognizes it as historical fact. I’ve read many books that cite the Bible as a historical record. Without wishing to offend any religious follower, would be like someone mention the Cinderella story as a real fact in a car production line, so that the team did not let the vehicles to turn into pumpkins. Absurd, not?

The more underdeveloped the nation is, the more it gives importance to religion in their daily lives. The more developed, religion is more treated as intimate subject and is not discussed or mixed with work or social affairs. It will be simple coincidence? Tell a job interview in an underdeveloped country that you are an atheist or does not follow the religion of the majority in that country. Then wait (sitting for not get tired) to be employed by that company.

Talk to your child about the importance of recognizing and accepting differences between people. If we were all equal, what fun would the world?

Think about it!