Rape of a teenage girl in Brazil: Have you ever talked to your son and your daughter about this?

This rape is a great opportunity to bring the matter for discussion in your family.

From the viewpoint of personal safety, remind your children of the importance of selection about with who walk, where to walk, where to walk. It is obvious that this alone does not guarantee that there will be no unpleasant events with them. But statistically speaking, greatly reduces the risks. And dealing with personal safety of your family, why not reduce risk?


Another important perspective to be addressed in your family is the question of the victim in such cases. Victim may or may not be found guilty?

Here is a question really controversial. Many people are absolute: NEVER is the victim’s fault, because she is the VICTIM. But others think differently, believe that depending on the context, victim CAN be GUILTY.

Whenever there is a case that reaches large proportions media, such as this case of the possible rape of a minor by 33 men in Rio de Janeiro, this discussion come to the fore. Opinions from various are issued, such as “if she were at home this would not have happened” or “she is innocent, nothing justifies the brutal action of rapists.”

The idea of this text is to address only the technical issue, unrelated to beliefs and feelings, because these distort the ideas, people end up turning themselves fans of a cause, not trying to understand the arguments. Technically of course, the victim may be guilty. The law already addresses the competitor guilt long ago. You want a classic example? Swindlers scams. The swindler does not put a gun to the head of his victim, does not use violence. The main weapon is the greed of the victim. When the bumpkin arrives in town with an alleged winning ticket of US$ 50,000, and he accepted the “help” of a stranger, that buys his ticket for US$ 10,000. After this buyer discovers that bought a fake ticket. It is configured that the agent and the victim also contributed to the crime. Someone would say that this victim is not guilty?

Benjamin Mendelsohn, Israeli lawyer, brought interesting classification of victims, and addressed in the text “The Culpable Victim in Mendelsohn’s Typology“, which we recommend reading.

There are people that still victims of life, who credit their failures to the wife / husband, the children, the boss, the government, the sun, the rain, the moon, the law of gravity, but never themselves. Be careful with it!

Without wanting to judge individual cases, the fact is that you must be very careful with your belief that the victim is NEVER guilty. Try to understand the context before issuing such an opinion.