Powerful combination: has your child been enjoying the Internet with communication in the English language?

Have you ever wondered about the powerful combination between speaking English and using the Internet to consume or produce content?

Anyone reading this text must feel privileged. I feel so privileged for writing it, can be read by many people. I’m not a native of English language, I am conscious that I commit several grammatical errors and I don’t consider it as a barrier but as an opportunity to improve every day. I chose the English language because this language allow take those messages to as many people as possible. In less than a week after publishing this site boostyourchildren.com, our message has reached many countries, such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, United States, just to name the ten countries where we had more hits. I’m sure if I had been published the texts in my native language, would not catch up these numbers.



I am part of a generation that was born before the revolution of information technology and I still have impressed me positively with the speed and the democratic reach of the Internet. The next generations who already are born mastering this technology, they will achieve unthinkable levels for us.

Regardless of where you are in the world, be sure to speak with your child about the importance of communicating in English, both to consume and to produce content and for expand their areas of expertise in this world increasingly globalized.

Today more and more people are writing and understanding the English language, many scholars are willing to share the themes of their research in English, for free on the internet. Through these surveys we can gain knowledge about any area of interest. In addition, most online forums are in English, the way like people around the world exchange information and acquire knowledge through discussions.

Think about!

powerful combination
powerful combination