The benefits of walking in the opposite direction of the herd.

The value of walking against ways traditionally acepted (herd) is one of the best legacy you can leave to their children. Attention: this is not an incentive to break the traffic laws and driving against the flow, as this would be a suicide attempt, of course. It is a lifestyle where knowing use, has great benefits.

A very interesting thought turned to investments, but it applies to any occasion of life. It is said that “if the vast majority are going in the same direction or this direction is no longer the best option, or won’t be soon.” Always it apply to reality. Once upon a time an entrepreneur of a country in South America, talking to the driver who worked for him, heard of his driver proudly: Doctor, I’m investing in dollars. What was the entrepreneur’s attitude? He sold immediately all the dollars he had. Soon after happened a big drop in the price of dollars. Note that this is not any preconception of classes, only the practical application of the thought of walking in the opposite direction. If until the driver was already buying dollars, it was clear that the economy of that country was crowded of dollars and soon would occur contrary motion.



Have you already been in the supermarket on the day that everyone gets paid? Or in motel on Valentine’s Day? Or lunch outside on Mother’s Day? Or was already stuck in congestion on a long weekend trip? Then you know it’s not pleasant to follow the herd. You must flee it, orient your life so that you can do these activities outside the time when the masses do. You will perceive the results quickly, will pay cheaper, will be better served, will waste less time in your life.

The Brazilian singer and composer Zeca Baleiro wrote in his song “hacker”, “wise guy that is wise guy is going to north while the pushovers go south.” Meet the letter in the link down.

So be sure to talk to your children since early about the benefits of walking the opposite direction, especially since children and adolescents if they are not well targeted, they tend to follow the herd, because of the feeling of belonging to a group, and they can keep this bad habit into adulthood.

Think about it!