Why must your child drive his attention to Hangzhou?

Hangzhou, the beautiful Chinese city will host the G20 summit in September 2016. There is sufficient time to study the matter. It will be worth it. This meeting has great potential to change the new generations’ ways of life. Simply because the central themes will be innovation and economic cooperation, mutual benefits.



I have no doubt in saying that the collaborative economy is the future, a future increasingly present. Don’t you agree? make an acess in youtube, there are people teaching to do anything, from playing guitar to prepare a delicious food. Totally free. The shared ride car services, rental of residential spaces, peer to peer loans are proof of that. These are great innovations. People are discovering that don’t hurt themselves sharing their skills and resources, on the contrary, is pleasurable. Why can not extrapolate this concept to relations between countries? Of course it’s possible. This will be shown in Hangzhou. Refusing collaborate will be shameful. You can believe.

Talk to your child about collaborative economy. Study with him about the G20, the forum that crowding the leaders of the most advanced economies and further development of the world. Teach him about mutual benefits, the famous win-win relationships. And you must make him put into practice collaborations in your life.

Think about it.


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