Delete the phrase “I don’t have time” from your vocabulary and teach it to your children. Do not be a fool.

The phrase “I do not have time” is too bad. It is a mix of victimization, trying to explain why not act and besides demonstrate pride as if such activity hadn’t the importance level required to who is telling the phrase “lose” his time with it.

Understand that ANYONE has available 24 hours a day, not a minute more or less. At this point the distribution is perfectly democratic. Whether you are in Zimbabwe or the United States, 24 hours a day are the same. So how many people have time and others do not? There’s only one answer: prioritization. Instead of saying “I do not have time for this,” you must say “that’s not my priority right now.” I’m not going to the gym because it’s not my priority. I’m not going back to study because that is not my priority. I will not visit my relatives because that is not my priority. It’s hard to say, but is sincere and makes us think about our priorities.

Think about it and teach your children from an early age to respect and well utilize your moments, eliminating already this damn sentence.





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