Daily learning: what is the use of a broken TV set?

A friend of mine was very sad, because after soon the end of the warranty period given by the manufacturer, her TV just stopped making sounds, letting only with the images. To make matters worse, there was no repair. And we are talking about a great LED TV set, 50 inches, in perfect condition, but does not speak anymore, nevermore.

What to do? Throw away? It’s not possible.

Thinking a bit, we came to the conclusion that the TV even muted, still had its market value. Came an idea, announces it in a shopping site and sale of products used, indicating the defect. The target audience would be small traders who had an interest in keeping a TV set on in your establishment, but who have traditionally keep it without volume.

A few days after the announcement, appeared people interested. And surprisingly, they weren’t part of the target audience. It was a company that was looking for a TV to work as a projector in a meeting room at its office. Having or not have sound would make no difference to them. The TV set was sold at a fair price considering their fault and their use of time and everyone was happy.

Learning: never underestimate the value of people and things, something which does not serve for some, may fit like a glove to others. You must evaluate and reflect before discarding any item.

Think about it.