Has your child been being trained to speak in public?

Do not fool yourself. Communication skills are the most important tools for growth and personal success. We live in society. Knowing that we are not an island and that interactions are necessary, it is essential being effective in communication to achieve the goals. In addition to the interpersonal interactions peer to peer, often we encounter with situation where we need to speak to larger audiences. Therein many will terrorize and get sleepless.

The truth is that there is no way to avoid these situations speaking to many people. You can postpone the maximum, but at some point in life it will appear. And we will face it: the more time passes, the effects of a bad presentation will be more catastrophic. It is much better your child being exposed while he is a child. In the childhood “take tumbles” is considered cute and normal. In the maturity we are judged and condemned without pity. It’s cruel but true.

What to do then: encourage your child to speak in public, to expose himself from the earliest ages. So he will learn to deal with failure, and most importantly, improve more and more every fucking day. Family presentations, ask for something to parents, show the work in day care. When he gets to adulthood, he will be “flying” and will be much more competitive in the labor market or wherever he act. Do not think that you are protecting him preventing him from expose. Do not forget this sentence: Excessive protection leads to defenselessness.

Think about it!







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