Has your child been taught to learn every day?

If not, it’s urgent time. Any people must to learn every day. Be aware that every moment of life, every action we perform or that we feel the effects, brings us learning. Let’s pay attention to it?

To learn every fucking day, we have to connect our “radar of learning”, open our minds to this concept. If we are not with the “radar of learning” connected, learnings pass by us and we don’t realize. If we connect the “radar of learning” only when we are officially sitting on a school bench, we lose many great knowledge useful in life.

take experiences from yours daily lives to learn every day


This morning I’ve had a great learning experience that made me more grateful to life. At the morning, passing in area of great movement in the city where I live, I came across with a homeless lady. So far nothing new. Any major city in the world is crowded with beggars. But what catched my attention was the fact that the lady, despite her beggar condition, had an infectious smile that made me reflect. In Monday, day of the syndrome to return to work after the weekend, how many people are complaining about life and its everyday matters? How many people passed by that lady and they haven’t learn nothing? Let’s follow the example of that lady, whose photographic record I haven’t take in honor to her image rights. Understand that there are people with much bigger problems than yours, like a lack of shelter to live and still exhibit a beautiful smile on your face! That was the today’s learning. We must never being accomodated with our situation, but we must be happy for be alive and healthy every day.

Turn on your radar and teach your children to connect their radar!