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Rape of a teenage girl in Brazil: Have you ever talked to your son and your daughter about this?

This rape is a great opportunity to bring the matter for discussion in your family. From the viewpoint of personal safety, remind your children of the importance of selection about with who walk, where to walk, where to walk. It is obvious that this alone does not guarantee that there will be no unpleasant events with them. But statistically speaking, greatly reduces the risks. And dealing with personal safety of your family, why not reduce risk? UNFORTUNATELY THE RAPE CASES ARE MORE COMMON Read more [...]

Resilience: are you teaching your child to be resilient in life?

Resilience is a term "borrowed" of materials science, meaning the property of materials that accumulate energy when subjected to stress (which is another term "borrowed" of materials science). These materials, after a moment of tension if they are damaged, have the ability to return to its original condition. The term has migrated to other areas and is now commonly used in the Administration, Psychology and Ecology, among others areas. How to be resilient in life then? Becoming a real "tough Read more [...]

Daily learning: what is the use of a broken TV set?

A friend of mine was very sad, because after soon the end of the warranty period given by the manufacturer, her TV just stopped making sounds, letting only with the images. To make matters worse, there was no repair. And we are talking about a great LED TV set, 50 inches, in perfect condition, but does not speak anymore, nevermore. What to do? Throw away? It's not possible. Thinking a bit, we came to the conclusion that the TV even muted, still had its market value. Came an idea, announces Read more [...]

Why must your child drive his attention to Hangzhou?

Hangzhou, the beautiful Chinese city will host the G20 summit in September 2016. There is sufficient time to study the matter. It will be worth it. This meeting has great potential to change the new generations' ways of life. Simply because the central themes will be innovation and economic cooperation, mutual benefits.   I have no doubt in saying that the collaborative economy is the future, a future increasingly present. Don't you agree? make an acess in youtube, there are people Read more [...]

Bitcoin and digital currencies: has your child been taking advantage of the good opportunities of the Internet?

How has your child been using this powerful tool named Internet? Does he know about bitcoin? Well or badly? Do not forget that every tool can be used well or badly. A screwdriver can and should be used for tightening and loosening screws. But unfortunately it can also be used to kill a person. Even without exerting any pressure of the dictatorial type, you must try to talk to him about it, even to learn new things. Some teenagers who observed the potential of virtual currencies, led by the bitcoin, Read more [...]

Has your child been being trained to speak in public?

Do not fool yourself. Communication skills are the most important tools for growth and personal success. We live in society. Knowing that we are not an island and that interactions are necessary, it is essential being effective in communication to achieve the goals. In addition to the interpersonal interactions peer to peer, often we encounter with situation where we need to speak to larger audiences. Therein many will terrorize and get sleepless. The truth is that there is no way to avoid these Read more [...]

Delete the phrase “I don’t have time” from your vocabulary and teach it to your children. Do not be a fool.

The phrase "I do not have time" is too bad. It is a mix of victimization, trying to explain why not act and besides demonstrate pride as if such activity hadn't the importance level required to who is telling the phrase "lose" his time with it. Understand that ANYONE has available 24 hours a day, not a minute more or less. At this point the distribution is perfectly democratic. Whether you are in Zimbabwe or the United States, 24 hours a day are the same. So how many people have time and others Read more [...]

9-volt battery: do you know what is inside?

I bring for you one more learnings daily. I discovered by chance as a 9-volt battery is composed. I never stopped to think about it but thought it was a solid set. I replaced the battery of equipment and she, being worn out, opened in my hand. It was surprisingly when emerged 6 puppies AAA batteries. As the math does not lie, multiplying 6 by 1.5 comes to 9. It was not news to you? What a pity! I have been enjoyed the discovery. Maybe this information can be useful at some moment in life. Encourage Read more [...]

Powerful combination: has your child been enjoying the Internet with communication in the English language?

Have you ever wondered about the powerful combination between speaking English and using the Internet to consume or produce content? Anyone reading this text must feel privileged. I feel so privileged for writing it, can be read by many people. I'm not a native of English language, I am conscious that I commit several grammatical errors and I don't consider it as a barrier but as an opportunity to improve every day. I chose the English language because this language allow take those messages to Read more [...]

Has your child been taught to learn every day?

If not, it's urgent time. Any people must to learn every day. Be aware that every moment of life, every action we perform or that we feel the effects, brings us learning. Let's pay attention to it? To learn every fucking day, we have to connect our "radar of learning", open our minds to this concept. If we are not with the "radar of learning" connected, learnings pass by us and we don't realize. If we connect the "radar of learning" only when we are officially sitting on a school bench, we lose Read more [...]