Bitcoin and digital currencies: has your child been taking advantage of the good opportunities of the Internet?

How has your child been using this powerful tool named Internet? Does he know about bitcoin? Well or badly? Do not forget that every tool can be used well or badly. A screwdriver can and should be used for tightening and loosening screws. But unfortunately it can also be used to kill a person. Even without exerting any pressure of the dictatorial type, you must try to talk to him about it, even to learn new things.

Some teenagers who observed the potential of virtual currencies, led by the bitcoin, they already built small fortunes. Does anyone have doubt that after the Uber and Airbnb, the next revolution will be the financial? I have no doubt about it. There are many governments and central banks bothered with bitcoin. These teens used their free time to receive their first bitcoins via free faucets. Boosted by currency appreciation, some applied it in other investments, achieving consistent success. They are coming to adulthood already with the financial life well under way. That’s nice! If your child is seeing only trifles on the Internet, you must show him the benefits of well use his time looking for good opportunities that are available. The bitcoin is still one. Don’t let it escape.

Think about it!



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