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I believe that good people have power to transform the world in a better place to live. I believe in the power of education. I love to speak to the world and I love listen the world too. Timing can make the diference! We are successfull people, but if we had received important knowledgements in adequate timing, it could had took us too more far. Let's go improve and boost next generation?

Is your child well prepared for the life challenges?

Facing many life challenges, of course you, the committed parent to ensure the best education for your child strives to enroll him or her in the best school that be possible. You do it to make sure your child will have a great future, a stead job, a happy family. But the schools fulfills the role? Does they help in life challenges?   I'd say partially yes. But certainly there is a long long gap. And this gap is more and more bigger. If the school traditionally never accomplished this requirement, Read more [...]