50 shades for success

We had the opportunity to read the book “50 shades for success,” authored by Jadson Edington. The book’s title is a copy of best-selling “50 shades of gray,” but the similarities stop there. The book is very good, presents several tips that may seem obvious, but the vast majority of the population does not follow. The caveat to this publication is excessive approach to biblical passages, especially mixed with truthful examples. This fact is not surprising, because the author of the book is bishop of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, evangelical congregation. Interestingly, the author repeats many times that is not preaching about religion, but he doesn’t stop quoting biblical examples as if they were historical facts.


We have great respect to the Bible as a literary work, but the facts described therein are not part of historical records and are only present in the Bible itself. Are beliefs, as well as other holy books to other religions. Beliefs are personal matters. Who wants to believe, ok. Who do not want, ok too. And all must be respected.

The book “50 shades for success” brings interesting teachings, but the strong link to the biblical passages eliminates its universality, and may also be avoided by people who could be helped by his teachings but do not want to be bombarded by biblical themes. Thus, we decided to rewrite each of the 50 chapters in an edition free of religions or holy books, with understanding that they are matters of an intimate nature and whose preferences must be respected. The next 50 posts will be 50 episodes of the book adapted. Good reading!