First shade, success and claim do not match

The complaint is a pest that has raged in our society. Much of this habit comes from the fact that when you claim, you have the feeling of doing something for your situation, but with little or no effort. It is much easier to complain than actually act to change the situation. Complaining is addictive. And it starts early. At first, the child who complains gets attention of parents, teachers, everyone. It seems a good thing, which leads to create the habit of complaining. However, over time, the Read more [...]

50 shades for success

We had the opportunity to read the book "50 shades for success," authored by Jadson Edington. The book's title is a copy of best-selling "50 shades of gray," but the similarities stop there. The book is very good, presents several tips that may seem obvious, but the vast majority of the population does not follow. The caveat to this publication is excessive approach to biblical passages, especially mixed with truthful examples. This fact is not surprising, because the author of the book is bishop Read more [...]

Forecasts for future: Talk to your children

We live in a world of constant and increasingly rapid transformation. It's not about liking or not of this sentence, it will happen! Then suits as soon as possible and not get left behind! The future is today!   Welcome to the future in exponential Age! Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.......... Udo Gollub in Messe Berlin “I just went to the Singularity University summit and here are the key learnings. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper Read more [...]