Ten things necessary for my return to church

Excellent article published in the Brazilian magazine 'Christianity Today' about ideal church. Author: Carlo Carrenho   "The church that want me as a member can not be part of the Christian ghetto. I reached a point where it simply I got tired of the evangelical culture of discriminatory attitudes of believers and the widespread hypocrisy.   For years, I stopped going to church. I reached a point where it simply I got tired of the evangelical culture of discriminatory attitudes Read more [...]

Dealing with differences: when religion invades real life

Regardless of what religion you follow, and even you will influence your children to follow the same religion as you, which is normal, after all you want to spread for them it all that makes you well, it is very important teaching them about dealing with differences. RELIGION OR LACK OF IT IS INTIMATE SUBJECT Religion or lack of it is intimate subject. There is no owner of the truth! Teach your children from an early age that they will treat in all his life with people whose religious orientations Read more [...]

The benefits of walking in the opposite direction of the herd.

The value of walking against ways traditionally acepted (herd) is one of the best legacy you can leave to their children. Attention: this is not an incentive to break the traffic laws and driving against the flow, as this would be a suicide attempt, of course. It is a lifestyle where knowing use, has great benefits. A very interesting thought turned to investments, but it applies to any occasion of life. It is said that "if the vast majority are going in the same direction or this direction is Read more [...]

The value of revisiting a good book or movie: does your child know about this?

Good books and good movies are not meant to be left aside after use. Not even! They can and must to be revisited with a certain frequency. When we see a film or we read a book for the first time, we were so focused on knowing the ends that we miss many details. The second time, knowing how the plot ends, we are with our more apt way to raise other issues that simply they went unnoticed the first time. And the third time even more. It's a pleasure revisiting it. Do not fool yourself. Not to mention Read more [...]